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Argyle Diamond Mine

Project Details


Project: Argyle Diamond Mine

Client: Rio Tinto (Technical Services)

Location: Kimberly Region, WA


This project, completed by Skarpa personnel for Rio Tinto (Technical Services) involved contributing to two separate feasibility studies on the application of continuous tunnelling methods. These studies informed investment decisions for the AUD$1B+ million block cave underground project at its wholly owned Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.




The scope focused on methodology/options analysis in order to assess if there were benefits associated with adopting civil tunnelling techniques, when compared to traditional drill and blast development.


Specific focus was given to assessing Roadheader capability and performance for the completion of part of the cave extraction level development. Skarpa people complete the analysis with a combination of site based services and desktop analysis.


The study scope included a robust commercial assessment to determine the viability of on an integrated approach with hybrid development (part drill and blast and part roadheader) to optimise the project advance rate, reduce over break and thus achieved associated benefits with reduced development waste, construction material (concrete) and a more efficient ventilation system.

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