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SKARPA can help turn information into insight to optimise designs and help accelerate the environmental and planning approvals, resulting in more effective and resilient infrastructure.


Enhance project assurance and develop civil projects more efficiently by exploring design concepts, visualising ideas, and communicating results quickly and clearly whether in the front end engineering / concept design or project delivery phases. 


Utilise our state of the art tunnel software and professionals to:

  • Enhance collaboration and explore concepts

  • Visualise, present and evaluate designs in a 3D model

  • Identify and resolve conflicts at an early stage

  • Assess methodologies / constructability through sensitivity analysis

  • Seamless integration of CAD, schedule and quantity outputs in a 5D fashion

  • Monitor contractor performance

  • Independent project forecasting

  • Assess claims and resolve disputes

  • Earned Value Management

  • Engineers’ opinion of probable Cost

  • Parallel estimates / bid checks


We use a combination of first principal estimation and bespoke 5D BIM software, coupled with outstanding professionals, to deliver value. The software dynamically links your tunnel designs with schedules and quantity reporting, enabling you to spend more time analysing and planning scenarios rather than manipulating data.


Multi-Criteria Assessments for project options are now undertaken with a numerical basis, to produce sensitivity and detail that allows each team member to see an immediate impact from changes.


Gantt chart schedules can be modified and updated directly from the graphical environment. Schedule-driven graphical animations give instant feedback on your planning changes, facilitating rapid options development and assessment.


In this fashion a project model can be updated and tracked from internal planning stages through to commissioning and handover by the contractor.


SKARPA can also provide site based professionals to act as clients representatives and project managers.




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