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Finance & Insurance Sector

For governments, funding of projects is critical to success, for investors and financial institutions maximising the chance of success while understanding the key risks is critical in any decision making process.  SKARPA’s unique offering can help turn information into insight to provide greater knowledge and confidence - quickly, efficiently and accurately.


SKARPA through it's proprietary software and tunnelling experts can assist to optimise any tunnelling project whilst protecting the balance sheet.   We have the ability to transform project risks and create opportunities through improving  the understanding and presentation of geometry, scheduling and pricing. We can also assist with assessments of bid proposals, risk assessments and provide due diligence.


SKARPA is focussed on improving the affordability of underground civil infrastructure, using tunnel specific 5D BIM software, to connect 3D CAD design/geology and GIS, in an automated process with the contractor’s plant/resources, complex schedule and cost estimates. In this fashion we can identify issues early and provide greater confidence, assisting with investment screening.


Our tunnel professionals can help identify and qualify investment opportunities/risks by leveraging a systematic, numerical process to screen projects in pre-contracts or post award phases in order to protect margin erosion.


SKARPA can also help identify what went wrong and when in order to settle disputes and assist insurance claim assessments and negotiations through analytical data analysis to a level that has not been possible previously without the power of our 5D BIM software.


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